Invest In Yourself Journal

A 300-page journal to be used over a 3-year period


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Aswini Bajaj



IIY Journal

How I got this Idea?

During 2020, I was penning down my thoughts on my two-year, five-year, and ten-year goals, but I forgot about the file. When I stumbled upon it in 2022, I realized that a number of my one-year goals had been met in two years. That is when I realized that it is imperative to hold yourself accountable, prioritize your goals, and actually write down your progress toward each goal. I always mark actionable points while reading a book, discussions with my mentors, learnings that I would like to revisit from time to time. Putting all of this together, I wanted to make a journal for myself & my students.

Write, Measure, Evaluate

Why Should you fill this?

We may have aspirations, and a path chalked out in pursuit of those aspirations, but they may not transpire as we thought they would if we are not writing and following up on them. However, to move closer to the goals we have earmarked, it's crucial to introspect and understand ourselves, our nature, our strengths, our weaknesses, and everything in between. It is essential to assess where we stand concerning our skills and identify the things influencing us. There must be immense clarity on what drives us and our learnings from everything we consume. Plan your months & years, zoom out & leave a big-picture view. At times we get too caught up in day-to-day activities & end up being stagnant.

Therefore, introspect, learn, write and achieve your goals.


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Presenting you the Invest In Yourself Journal which helps you track & introspect your Goals, Identify the learnings and Plan your future easier than ever. The motivational quotes helps you stay on track. This Journal will not only help you to track yourself but will motivate you to do better and Keep Investing in Yourself!

Here are some highlights from the Journal –

  • Books – Book Recommended by the Author, Track & Build your Reading Habits
  • Habits – Track your Habits, Self-Note for Habits Giving Positive & Negative Returns
  • Mentors – Don’t just keep listing the learnings, Start Applying
  • Goals – Track your Career & Health Goals
  • Track your Finances – Introspect your Investments, Source of Income, Expenses, Savings, Balance Sheet
  • Analysis – Analyse your Energy Drainers & Creators throughout Months
    • No. of pages: 300
    • Paper Quality: 100 GSM
    • Size: 21 X 28 cm
    • Hardbound: Yes
    • Product: Made In India
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Start organizing your thoughts, goals, habits, finance etc and Invest In Yourself! Also you can share your Review about the journal for the audiences.

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