Introduction The Ribbon, Quick access toolbar, customising the ribbon, different views of a presentation (Normal, Outline View, Slide sorter, Notes page, Reading View and Slide show).
Create a Presentation Blank presentations, presentation using templates, searching for templates, importing word document outlines into presentations, adding slides, creating hyperlinks, changing layouts and exploring the outline.
Quick Formatting Techniques Adding text, table, charts graphs, pictures (resizing, cropping, applying effects and styles), media, changing themes and colors, configure presentation to print or save, dos and don’ts of a presentation.
Working with Slides Duplicating existing slides, hiding slides, deleting slides, modifying slide background, applying styles to slides, inserting transitions between slides, order and group slides.
Shapes, Alignment & Distribution Tricks to insert, format, align, group, and distribute shapes in PowerPoint within seconds, format dipper, default shapes, merge shape, etc.
SmartArt Insert, add text to, and format SmartArt graphics to quickly add diagrams to your presentation which will assist you to tell your story.
Adding and Editing Charts Select the right chart for your data, add it to a slide, know the basics of editing charts and quickly format charts.
Slide Master and Sections for Organization How to manipulate PowerPoint presentations with the slide master, creating customised slides, sections, viewing modes, header and footer.
Insert and format Media Insert video from another file, adjusting media window size, trimming timings on media clips, screen recording and adding audio to the presentation.
Animate slide Content Applying animations to shapes and text, adding paths to animations, modifying animation options, recording animations and using the animation pane.
Using Excel and Word Data PowerPoint shortcuts and automation techniques, linking of Excel data with PPT.
Creating Impact Emerging trends on visual effects such as magnifiers, highlighters, de-highlighters, cut-outs, layers, topic trackers.
Speed Tricks Lightning fast shortcuts and custom tricks to perform recurring activities such as alignment, editing text, cloning shapes, working with SmartArt etc.
Delivering the Presentation Using techniques like home slide approach, exploring slide show options, using presenter view, slide notes.



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