Mathematical Sum, Sumproduct, Average, Averagea, Min, Mina, Max, Maxa, Small, Large, Abs, Count, Countblank, Counta, Aggregate, Mod, Rank, Absolute and Relative Referencing
Paste Special Value, Format, Transpose, Link, Add, Subtract, Product and Many Useful Features
Rounding Functions Round, Roundup, Rounddown (Also to nearest Tens, Hundreds and Thousands), Ceiling, Floor and Mround
Date Day, Date, Month, Year, Now, Today, Cleaning and Formatting
Text Functions Trim, Concatenate, ‘&’, Lower, Proper, Upper and Value
Advance Text Left, Right, Mid, Replace, Substitute, Find, Len, Working With ‘*’ For Data Cleaning, Text To Column & Other Advance Data Cleaning Techniques
Shortcuts Smart Editing Techniques, Learning Useful Shortcuts The Easy Way and Formatting
Lookup Functions Vlookup, Hlookup & Automation Of The Same
Logical Operators If, Nested If, And, Or, Isna, Iserror, Iserr, Isblank, Istext, Isformula & XOR
Conditional Formatting Basic Conditional Formatting (Formatting using Formulas covered in next Module)
Array Functions Array formulas, Array constant, Create one dimensional and two dimensional constants, Dynamic Transpose

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