Have you cleared Higher Secondary? (class 12th)

Are you a Graduate?

  • - Any discipline - Science, Commerce, Economics is eligible;
  • - Any bachelor degree - B.Com, BBA etc is eligible;
  • - Either 3/4 year graduation depending on your country is    eligible;
  • - Any distance learning Graduation recognized by Government of your country is eligible

Are you a

When are you Graduating?
  • - choose the last date of graduation month in which you will be receiving your final semester results;
Have you completed 4000 hours of work experience in at least 3 sequential years?
  • - any field (not necessarily in finance);
  • - Only paid work is eligible(paid fulltime internship or paid fulltime role in family business)
Have you completed 4000 hours of higher education and working experience without overlapping dates?
  • - Every Study year is calculated as 1000 hours, to know more Click Here
  • - Full time work is eligible;
  • - Work Experience and Education cannot be overlapping;
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