Rama Navami – My Thoughts
  • Gita

The occasion of Rama Navami reminded me to flip back the pages of Valmiki’s Ramayan translated into Hindi. Such amazing history and literature, and so much to learn from. Go through my markings with patience and you will find so many self-help books in just two pages.

Takeaways from “Peaks and Valleys”
  • Books

‘Peaks and Valleys: Making Good And Bad Times Work For You–At Work And In Life’ is a book written by Dr. Spencer Johnson. It is a short and relevant read when you are feeling very low or when you are at the peak of your life.

The Art of Managing Energy
  • Growth

Want to learn how to be productive or ultra-productive in the workplace or in studies? Managing time is not as important as managing energy is. This can be achieved by mastering the 4 pillars of energy management:

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