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About Me

Finance Trainer: Training thousands of professionals globally for CFA, FRM, CA, Financial Modelling, Equity Research
Guest Lecturer: Stock Exchanges, B-Schools, and Colleges
Corporate Coach: Finance based trainings for companies including Tata, Grasim, Barclays
CEO | Leveraged Growth:
Advisory | Consulting | Training | L&D

Why US


I draw graphs, derive formulas & use the whiteboard while teaching. I often take examples from sitcoms, stocks, businesses and brands while explaining concepts. I shall be guiding you regarding EVERYTHING starting from making notes to attempting the exam.


I do not sugar-coat while guiding you & say things you should hear and not what you want to hear. There is no shortcut, you have to focus and study if you wish to pass. I keep sharing research, articles, book recommendations, etc. and try to push you beyond academics.


Students get access to the doubts of all students, categorized chapter-wise in the App. I solve all the unresolved doubts myself. The support team – takes care of any issues you face while attending classes.


You shall have access to all updated lectures until you pass the exam. I do not believe in packages, discounts, etc. and have kept the class fee low and constant since 5 years for the students.

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Class, Practice, Formula, Revision & Mentoring Lectures

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Play lectures without the internet

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7 views/lecture given and can be increased without limit till you pass

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our students

I am a working finance professional and I took up your lectures while watching the lectures on youtube. I was highly impressed and took up classes with the intention of learning something besides work. I could never ever imagine having to wait for a finance lecture on a daily basis. I personally also want to thank you for helping me think and work on my overall lifestyle.

Harshal FRMP1 Student

He has been instrumental in bringing upliftment in my career. Have never seen a more sincere professor who can go beyond their limits to train their students, not only about the curriculum but also how to stand out and face this competitive world. For me he has been a blessing in disguise. One of the best professors someone can ask for. He is great mentor

Krina Shah CFA L2 Student

I had joined Aswini for my CFA Level 1 training in 2015. Being his first student, I must say he is a great teacher and a mentor who will not only coach you for professional exams but will also shape your professional career by sharing his knowledge and experience. He taught me the most important thing that "TIME is the most valuable asset."

Neeku Dugar CFA L1 Student

Aswini Bhaiya unlike most teachers focuses on the foundations and not just making us pass! he was monumental in me passing the CFA and FRM exams! He did not just help us pass exams but make us smarter and more employable, he makes sure each of his student gets the best focused help they need. I was lucky to have him as my mentor!

Mayank Mehra CFA, FRM Student

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