Aswini Bajaj

I will teach you.

Soni Hela

I solve all queries of new students

Neha Sharma

I solve all queries of new students

Sanjana Kumari

I solve queries of all students

Ayushi Jaiswal

I send your lectures

Sanjukta Sircar

I solve tech issues of all students

Aman Soni

I look at the IT support

Sangita Dey

I manage team & unresolved issues

Neha Sonkar

I send all class messages

Sunaina Singh

I update your app data

Susmita Das

I design your study material

Sangita Naskar

I type your study material

Subhamita Das

I maintain data of your study app

Mahak Soni

I help in your placements

Priyanka Dugar

I plan and evaluate team activities